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Guide: Filtering Gmail Notifs by Game


1. First step, go to 'Mail Settings' and click 'Filters'

2. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Create New Filter'

Put under 'From', and *[ com name goes here* OR *[ log com name goes here* OR *[ ooc com name goes here* under 'Subject'.

For example, creating an Paradisa filter, my 'Subject' looks like *[ paradisa* OR *[ paradisaooc* OR *[ paradisalogs* OR *[ paradisamemes* OR *[ paradisawatch*

If you're not sure what to put for com name, open up a recent tag, and copy paste the name from the subject line of your post.

3. Click on the label that you wan to apply, and it's done! :)

It'll catch replies from all the different communities that you list there, and filter them away quite nicely.

NOTE: I wrote up this with Dreamwidth in mind, I'm not sure if it works with LJ, since they don't list community name in the subject title of their notif emails.
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[personal profile] neighfeni 2014-10-29 08:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey, for whatever reason that method doesn't seem to work. At least for me, it doesn't.

But here's a way that did. I put the comm names in the "Has the words" form instead, but just as their names.

So, in your case,
paradisa OR paradisaooc OR paradisalogs OR paradisamemes OR paradisawatch

Don't know why the subject line version didn't work for me. But just letting you know another method.